Frequently Asked Questions

Q01:Who is my adviser in the Mentor Advising Center (MAC)?

All of our Mentor Advisors are trained in the majors advised in the MAC. You may meet with any one of our Mentor Advisors. If you would prefer to meet with someone in your major, please let the Mentor Advisor making your appointment know.

Q02: Do I need to bring in my PAWS Report?

Yes, please bring an updated copy of your PAWS report with you. Your PAWS will help the Mentor Advisor go over with you which requirements you still need to complete.

Q03: Can I get advised over the phone?

No, students must come into the MAC to get advised. Some general questions may have easy answers which we can provide over the phone, or we can refer you to the correct resources if another department is better equipped to assist you.

Q04: I have an Advising Hold on my account and can't register for classes. What should I do?

Schedule an appointment for advising in your desired major. Once you have been advised, a request to release the hold can be submitted. Holds are placed for a variety of reasons i.e advising, outstanding fees, required immunizations, etc. Check for holds regularly by logging into MyCoyote and clicking on Student Center. If you have a hold, there will be a details link in the Holds box. Click on the Holds details link and then click on the specific Hold Item link to view hold details and instructions on how to clear it.

Q05: Can I get my Advising Hold removed prior to getting advised?

No, you must come in to get advised prior to getting your Advising Hold removed.

Q06: What if I have a non-Advising Hold?

Contact the department that placed the Hold. Common types of Holds include Pre-payment (Tuition) Holds, Health Holds, Admissions Holds, and Key Renewal Holds. The Mentor Advising Center can only release Advising Holds. We are not able to release any other types of Holds.

Q07: How often do I need advising?

Whenever you have any questions about your PAWS Report or where you are in your Roadmap to Graduation. You can always benefit your academic career with more advising. The Mentor Advising Center recommends coming in at least once a year to make sure you have met all the requirements to graduate on time. By deferring an advising session, you may discover a requirement wasn't completed until after it is too late to add a class.

Q08: Does the MAC accept walk-ins?

Yes, but we prefer students make an appointment in order to guarantee an appropriate adviser is able to assist you. Calling a few days before allows you to have flexibility in choosing what time works best for you.

Q09: What should I do if I attended SOAR but myCoyote won't let me register for classes?

Schedule an appointment for advising in your desired major. Your advisers can help solve your problem and assist you in registering for classes.

Q10: The class session I want is closed. How can I be put on a waitlist?

Contact the department the class is under and request to be added. Priority is given in the order in which students request to be added to the waitlist.

Q11: How do I declare or change my major?

In order to declare or change a major, add a concentration, track, option, or plan, students must submit a Change of Major form with the Office of Records, Registration and Evaluations.

Q12: What is the census date?

Census date is the official date at which enrollment is calculated for each quarter. Students may not add or drop after census without serious or compelling reasons.

Q13: How do I drop a class?

To drop a class, use the online registration system (MyCoyote) by the designated census date for the term.

To withdraw from all classes, students must go to the office of Records, Registration & Evaluations to formally withdraw from the term by the census date. Picture ID is required. This process cannot be done over MyCoyote. Questions regarding this process should be addressed to the Registration Office in UH-171 or by calling 909-537-5200.

Q14: What does it mean to be on Academic Probation? If I’ve been dismissed because of poor grades, can I ever come back?

An undergraduate student is subject to academic probation if at any time the cumulative grade point average in all college work attempted or the cumulative grade point average at CSUSB falls below a 2.0.

Q15: I have transfer credits but MyCoyote won't let me register for classes. What should I do?

Contact the Records, Registration and Evaluations Office and speak with an Transfer Graduation Counselor (previously referred to as an Evaluator). In some cases, credits may not yet appear in MyCoyote for courses taken at another university.