Mission Statement

The Mentor Advising Center (MAC) is committed to enhancing student development by encouraging growth in the areas of leadership, communication, self direction, and problem solving skills. Furthermore, the peer advising program is dedicated to facilitating meaningful interactions between peer advisors and advisees as they engage in various school-sponsored events. Most importantly, through this opportunity of service, peer advisors will be play a pivotal role in aiding student as they transition through the program.

Services Provided

  • Peer Advising for your specific major
  • Help mapping out a 4-year plan
  • Assistance planning courses for an upcoming quarter
  • Referrals to departments based on your educational goals
  • Resources
  • Understanding Your PAWS Report
  • Understanding Your Grad-Check

Vision Statement

The MAC will be a full resource center for all Social and Behavioral Sciences Students, providing ongoing, quarterly advisement, mentorship, and referrals to the college and other campus services. The MAC will be available year-round for all students on campus and remote locations.

Academic Advising

Students will leave Academic Advising sessions with the following skills:

  1. Ability to read and understand PAWS
  2. Be able to self-advise
  3. Familiar with General Education Requirements
  4. Major and Minor Requirements
  5. General Graduation Requirements
  6. Awareness of online academic resources
    MAC (sbsadvising.csusb.edu)
    How to check for Advising Holds through MyCoyote
    Records, Registration, & Evaluation (rre.csusb.edu)
  7. Know how to find resources available on campus
  8. Be aware of academic procedures for:
    Simultaneous Enrollment
    Add/Drop After Census
    Overload Permits
    Petition to waive University Regulations
  9. Create an Advisor Proposed Educational Plan